How it Works
Setting up FreshBeacons is as simple as 1-2-3!


• Through the integration of the necessary software our beacons will speak to your app, without disrupting the consumers digital experience. The technology will provide a more intellectual platform while instilling brand equity through pertinent market interaction.

Strategically Place:

• The delivery of highly relevant content based on the needs and wants of the consumer through their location and real time interaction will result in maximum ROI.

Download + Notify:

• Receive hyper local notifications via proximity devices. (“All sweaters on this table are 20% off”) Resulting in long term engagement through geofenced push notifications.  (“ You are only 2 miles away come in for great deals”)

Engineered for maximum success

Two different types of hardware ensure the message reaches the consumer:

• Smaller hardware: About the size of a half dollar and easily hidden.

• Larger hardware: Just bigger than a deck of cards and weatherproof allowing for placement anywhere.

• The FreshBeacon platform also enables targeting via GPS (no hardware required) from a 15 to 10,000 meter radius, or directional cone.

Beacons use Bluetooth LE, which can be placed in strategic locations

• Runs all-day long, while consuming a minimal amount of battery life

• Beacon proximities from 1 to 50 meters

• Beacons are managed centrally via the Fresh Manager, allowing you to update their messaging, monitor battery life and view analytics.

• With secure transmission, only your app can identify the beacons– no cross-targeting from competitors

• There is no limit on the amount of beacons or geofences you can have

• Fresh Beacon notifications are native ads, creating the maximum ROI.

Drones to the rescue

Consumers' expectations have grown exponentially for mobile and it requires an ecosystem approach. Integrating our FreshBeacon technology with Drones is our way of combatting the demands of modern consumers.

Drones have a multitude of capabilities all on their own that heighten engagement by taking advantage of proximity and creating personalized experiences. Our patent pending Freshbeacon/Drone integration adds another layer of awareness and creates a dynamic touchpoint. This combination of technology allows for real-time personal activity sharing and publishing across all mobile networks almost instantly.

At a concert, drones can fly overhead, take pictures and videos with an attached GoPro and upload it directly to the cloud. We can then push a notification straight to event goers via FreshBeacon to download or view the drone's captures. There are many other features that can be implemented, this is only just the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do consumers want push notifications?
A: All notifications are opt-in to protect the users privacy. Over 80% of smart phone users choose to enable push notifications.
Q: Who is Beacon Babe?
A: She’s THE bexpert (beacon-expert). The go-to for beacons and the face of FreshBeacon Technology, spreading the word about beacons and their potential in various industries.
Q: What are the benefits to consumers?
A: FreshBeacons deliver highly relevant offerings; build relationships through a timely communication channel, and reward customers for their engagement with the brand.
Q: Are beacons difficult to use?
A: No. Beacons are made simple with iOS and Android libraries available on your mobile app. A Consumer Preference Engine provides offline consumer information from application partners‬ to help consumers.
Q: Do Beacons drain your consumer’s battery?
A: No. A common fear associated with beacons is a loss of battery. Our SDK technology focuses on minimizing battery drain, especially with newer phones. As a company that puts the consumers needs first, FDG realizes that creating beacons that do not hurt battery life is imperative.
Q: Are beacons secure?
A: Yes. Beacons use a secure transmission to ensure that only your app can identify you, which prevents cross targeting from competitors.
Q: Is there a limit to how many beacons you can have?
A: There is no limit to how many beacons you can have on any given smart phone.
Q: How accurate are beacons?
A: Beacons are highly accurate with a range of +/- 4 feet location accuracy.
Q: Can beacons be used to track people?
A: Beacons themselves do not track people as they are transmit only. They do not receive or collect any signals from mobile devices and therefore cannot detect your presence or track your location. Beacons were created with privacy in mind. You can see them, but they cannot see you.
Q: Do beacons deliver content?
A: A common misconception is that Beacons transmit content. Beacons transmit a location in order to allow apps to retrieve location-relevant content. The Beacon itself is not sending “content” to your phone, rather it is transmitting your location to enable an app to send the content.
Q: Do FreshBeacons work anywhere?
A: Yes. FreshBeacons are extremely versatile as they are small in size, work on battery power, and are even waterproof.
Q: How are they managed?
A: Beacons are managed centrally via the Fresh Manager so you can update where you’ve placed them, view their battery life, combine them with other modules, etc.

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